I found a picture of you

Those were the happiest days of my life


hold on stop the presses

oh how i cannot bear the thought of you

to the internal paramour

you’ll haunt me, you’ll haunt me

till i’ve paid for what i’ve done

it’s a payment which precludes

the having of fun

just resign

1. i will follow you

2. i will turn to you

3. you are the one i adore


Exasperated, Ling takes Jack to see the God-hole

Ling never thought she could hold someone so cold

Until she did because she had to—


Jack’s heart called to mind

The flailing of a dying fish—


A movement to and fro

Of a thing, the thing, leaving its centre

For a futile return


She would be that thing, helplessly alive

Looking at his eyes and seeing

Them shut—


She would be that thing, helplessly warm

Observing his tentative steps

On a sunny day—


She would be that thing that no-one knows

And breathe helplessly in the ignorance

Of what’s there


What she remembered was

The way the face rebloods

And each twig and branch

In a tree of veins

Writes life—


What she remembered was

Entering this throng,

This country of love and despair—


What she remembered was

The threat of nothingness

And for a second she was afraid


I imagine them together one grey morning

Ling’s body, older now, stooped down

Pointing out a sudden hole in the ground


Keenly facing Jack, looking

For his face to be an answer


And then for everything to stop

the terror of knowing what this world is about